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Avontus Designer 2023 R12

Version: 6.5.1120.0    Release Date: September 13, 2023

Enhancement Release Notes

  • Improved 2d plan image features in Import CAD Model dialog. Plan image is now inserted and updated automatically every time CAD model changes.
  • We now automatically update 2d plan image associated with an imported CAD model when drawing page size changes.
  • You can now add a bay to the side of any bay using smart tags even when the bay is not selected.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed a bug in drawing vertical braces in conceptual model when level height is short.
  • Fixed a bug in side brackets attached to top level not following guardrails settings for bay top level.
  • Fixed an issue with showing measurements in ft-in in Bay Level Editor and Bay Details elevations.
  • Fixed a problem with showing flat-bottom boilers in Viewer when slope angle is not default value.
  • Fixed a bug in creating wall scaffold on slopped/stepped walls where screw jack extension would cause very long legs without support.
  • Fixed issues with copying bays with side brackets between drawings.
  • Fixed problems with copying wall and tank shapes between drawings not preserving scaffold settings.
  • Fixed a bug in which changing Jack Height in drawing options would affect ground elevation of existing bays.
  • Fixed a problem in selecting starting run when creating wall scaffolds around a combination of stepped and slopped walls.
  • Fixed a bug in which side brackets were not following attached level guardrail properties.
  • Fixed a bug with hook-on type ladders not staggering correctly.
  • Fixed the problem with floating panels staying visible when minimizing main form.
  • Fixed the problem with Bay Level Editor responding to ALT key shortcuts before the main ribbon.