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Built using Microsoft Office Visio®, Avontus Designer enables you to easily and very quickly design scaffolding. Use the intuitive drag/drop interface to add structures, bays and more with real-time 3D wireframe and 3D rendering views. With features like automated scaffold layouts and detailed bay controls, creating an accurate bill of materials for scaffolding has never been faster.

Choose from six supported scaffold systems compatible with many of the top scaffolding manufacturers.

Fully customize the materials database to include your part numbers, specific dimensions and part descriptions. Avontus Designer's advanced material selection will automatically detect the right materials for the design.

Export, email or print complete drawings without needing extra tools or software.

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Product Warning

This Product (as defined within this site) is intended for use by qualified scaffolding designers and/or competent persons as defined by OSHA and other applicable regulatory bodies. Use by unqualified persons may result in DEATH, SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. Loads are determined by this Product based on the load-carrying capacity of a single leg. The total loads on individual components (plank, side bracket, etc.) as well as the loading of the scaffolding assembly (dead load, live load, wind load, seismic load, etc.) must be considered by any user of this Product. The Product provides no engineering checks or regulatory validation routines. You are entirely responsible for ensuring that the outputs generated by the Product are sufficient for your purposes and that they comply with any applicable laws or regulations.