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Avontus Site FAQs

What is Site?

Avontus Site is a software application that allows users to get better control of their job sites, allowing them to manage the requests and erect scaffolds on their jobsite(s). Avontus Site allows for easy communication between owners and contractors, reducing the volume of communication and instead concentrating the information onto one easily accessible source. Avontus Site allows for seamless communication between the field and office and is a vital tool in monitoring activity on a jobsite.

Who is site used by?

Avontus Site is to be used by many different roles and persons on a job site from a contractor or a Site Manager or owner.

What is the difference between a Request and a Scaffold?

A request is a request for a scaffold to be erected. A scaffold is for an erected scaffold unit.

When I have approved a Request, how do I erect a Scaffold?

You can erect a Scaffold by going to the Scaffolds screen, or viewing the Map in Scaffold view, and selecting the Scaffold you want to erect.

Can I skip the approval process to create a scaffold for already erected scaffolds?

Yes, you can add a scaffold without going through the approval process

I requested a modification/dismantle, how come the Scaffold is still in the Standing status?

When you select to request a modification of dismantle, you will need to approve the Request and then begin the Modification before the Scaffold status will change

How is an Activity created?

An activity is created automatically whenever an action is required. This action could be a completing a modification

How many users can I have?

Dependent upon your subscription.

How is the data stored?

The data is stored on a database on a remote server.

Can I receive notifications on a specific scaffold?

Yes. You can set up Site so you can “watch” a scaffold and receive a notification should a change be made.

Can I use Avontus Site on the go?

Yes. There is a mobile app for both android and IOS.

Can I organise the requests for scaffolds?

Yes. You can sort them into areas.

Can multiple people log in and use the same remote database?

Yes. It is possible for multiple accounts to connect to the same database.

Will logging into the same account on different services log you out of the first device?

No. You will remain logged in on multiple devices.

Can I view my Scaffold on a Map?

Yes. There is a map screen where you can see the exact location of the scaffold

For more information, please see Working With the Map.

Can I view an image of the scaffold?

Yes. You can upload an image of the scaffold.

For more information, please see Uploading a Scaffold Image.

Can I view a model of the scaffold?

Yes. You can upload a model of the scaffold.

For more information, please visit Uploading a 3D Model.