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Enabling SSL on Quantify Web

Connecting to Quantify, or viewing a Quantify website, over https (SSL) instead of http is becoming a requirement for most companies. Most mobile browsers today cannot get your location or draw a map of your location unless you are connected to a site over https. Quantify Web falls within this category, and map location features will likely fail if, for example, you are trying to obtain the location of a scaffold tag. It is also safer to log in over https, because your username and password are encrypted.

This article assumes that you are hosting Quantify Web on your own IIS server. You must purchase and install a digital certificate for your server before you can complete these steps.

Step-by-step guide

In order to use SSL on your server, follow the steps below.

1. Purchase and install a digital certificate from a certificate authority (CA ), such as godaddy.com, digicert.com or instantssl.com.

2. Open a Windows Explorer dialog and navigate to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\quantify\apphttpsettings.config.

3. Open for editing the Quantify Web config file named apphttpsettings.config.

4. Comment out the first two lines for SSL, and uncomment out the last line, as instructed below.


Redirect All Traffic

You may also want to redirect all traffic on your website to https, even if someone types http. You can find several examples for doing that here.

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